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Production Run 2.0

Ready to ride a future classic of the electric motorbike world?

We'd really appreciate it if you could re-confirm your choices for us, so that we can make sure we have your order all squared away.


Hit the button below to get started. You've already paid for your Streetdog, but we'll show you the colour combos we have lined up for this production run again (plus one exclusive Limited Edition). On the next page, we'll give you a low-down on extra accessories you can purchase for your bike, in case you want to add on anything extra.

WEBSITE_Graphics (4).png

Had a browse? Hit 'Confirm my order' to re-confirm (or change) your colour choices, accessories, and to fill in some essential details. You'll also find the Terms of Sale for you to read and approve.


As soon as we receive your confirmation, we'll send you an invoice for any remaining balance (in case you decided to upgrade to the Limited Edition or add on accessories) and a new render of your bike. 

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