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The ultimate urban electric motorcycle, born and built in New Zealand.

Escape the traffic jams, emissions and everyday grind

The Streetdog combines the best of modern technology with timeless motorcycle design.


Transform the way you ride, with 30 litres of lockable storage, a touch-screen display, and a 3kW hub motor that overdelivers on torque and acceleration.


With the first Streetdog already circulating the streets of Noosa, and the ADR compliance obtained early in this year we are gearing up for a limited run of bikes for Summer.

Proudly built Down Under.

 "I took the longest possible route home"


Reserve today to secure a spot in the first Australian production run. Delivery Q1, 2025.

aus meet the streetdog


Starting from

AUD 12,000

Max Speed

50 Km/hr

Peak Power

3.7 kW


80 to 100 Km

(Single Battery)


COMING SOON - Scheduled for release Q1, 2025


Max Speed


Est. price:

AUD 14,500

80 Km/hr

Peak Power

5 kW


60 to 80 Km

(Single Battery)

World beating Tech, developed down-under

The ultimate in ease-of-use. Every software and hardware design decision has been driven by a single purpose: to make the most effortlessly usable city explorer on the market.

Touch screen Display

Our software is not your run-of-the-mill solution. Every PCB and line of code is meticulously developed in-house, ensuring unmatched functionality and security features. From effortlessly activating your bike with a personalised PIN code to securing it with alarms and wheel locks, our interface puts you in full command of your ride.


Featuring a 2.1-inch LCD with an impressive brightness of 500cd/m2, our touch screen guarantees crystal-clear visibility regardless of lighting conditions. With a high pixel-density screen, every detail of your journey is rendered with unparalleled precision and clarity. Say hello to a new era of bike control, where every touch unlocks a world of possibilities

Lockable Storage

The Streetdog is designed to elevate your motorcycling adventures with our innovative storage solution. With a generous 30-litre capacity, it offers ample space for all your gear, making it one of the most spacious options available today. Crafted to meet your on-the-road needs, it's designed for convenience without compromising on security.


Featuring a handy small compartment for your essentials and a USB charging port for seamless connectivity, our storage unit ensures you're always prepared. Plus, with electronic locking for added security, you can ride with peace of mind.


If you’re looking to go the extra mile (literally),  the storage compartment is designed to fit an extra battery. This addition effectively doubles your range, opening up new horizons for exploration.


Removable Battery

Our proprietary LG 21700 li-ion removable battery was co-developed from the ground up with a leading manufacturer, and we’ve baked in clever technology for preservation and thermal management.

Our advanced BMS (battery management system) is designed to monitor temperature, cell voltage levels, and power consumption, ensuring optimal performance while prioritising rider safety. The unique design involves three layers of protection combined with four strategically positioned sensors to ensure the load is disconnected if things get too hot or there is a fault.

Additionally, our commitment to safety extends to the construction materials. We've invested in die-cast aluminium casing for improved drop protection and production efficiency and with an eye on global expansion, all these features are certified for the international market.

And for ease of use, the battery can be removed and plugged into any standard socket to charge. Charge on!

Customise to your
heart's content

The Streetdog is a built-to-order machine. To truly make it your own, talk to the team about customisation options.

OUr story

Nine years ago, we strapped a battery to a BMX in our garage.

Now we’re leading the charge in reviving automotive manufacturing in New Zealand. We’ve already delivered over 160 Streetdogs across New Zealand, with one even making its mark in Australia.


Our third production run is gearing up for delivery later this year, and we're amped to unveil our highly anticipated second bike, the Streetdog 80.

With ADR completed, we’re all set to conquer the Australian market at the end of 2024.

It's a wild ride here at FTN. Sign up to be the first to know about new product releases, the latest going ons and when we're coming to your town.

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