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Our capital raise is now open. Invest here.

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Starting from:

AU$ 12,000

We're launching in Australia with two products - our flagship Streetdog motorcycle and the Streetdog70. Both bikes bring the iconic elegance of the cafe racer era into the modern age.

Built with premium components and attention to detail, it'll transform the way you commute.

Delivery starts in 2024.


Become an Early Adopter and be one of the first 20 in Australia to own this future classic of the electric motorbike world.

Proudly built Down Under.

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 "I took the longest possible route home"



All of our products are built right in the heart of Wellington, New Zealand.

The Streetdog70 is in development and is scheduled for delivery in Q4 2024. The specifications aren't available yet. 

The specs for the original Streetdog are below.

  • How far will the Streetdog take me?
    The Streetdog has a range of 80 km of real-life mixed city commuting. This may vary a little depending on the weather, acceleration, and who's driving.
  • How much does the Streetdog weigh?
    The Streetdog weighs 82 kg. That's 15 kg for the battery, and 67 kg for the bike itself.
  • What are the dimensions of the Streetdog?
    Good question! You can find the specific dimensions and all the measurements here.
  • Will I be able to service my Streetdog myself?
    Yes, for certain things you can do your own DIY servicing. That is the beauty of owning an electric moped - the maintenance is much easier than the old petrol models! We will also have Service Partners - initially in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch. We'll open more in other main centres as we expand.
  • How big is the storage?
    The Streetdog has 30L of integrated, lockable storage. To get an idea of what that means, 30L can store 6 six-packs of beer, and it's bigger than the backpack you probably carry around the city. Unfortunately, you can't fit your helmet in there but we're working on some other genius ideas. Catch Michel below to see exactly what 30L will fit:
  • Will you be releasing a faster Streetdog anytime soon?
    We are currently developing a faster Streetdog but it's early days. We'll continue to offer our original moped class Streetdog (50 km/hr top speed). Subscribe up to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest FTN news!
  • What does FTN stand for?
    FTN Motion is all about for pushing boundaries, and exploring new and better ways of doing things. If you're keen to find out what 'FTN' actually stands for, we suggest hopping on the Streetdog for a ride. You'll find the answer hidden on the bike.
  • How do I stay updated on the FTN journey?
    Easy! Sign up for our newsletters here. But we also regularly update our YouTube channel with videos and you can find us on Instagram and Facebook too.
  • How do I become part of the team?
    At the moment, we're not hiring - but keep an eye out on our Linkedin for the latest news!
  • I would like find out more about investing in FTN. Who do I speak to?
    Luke can answer all your curly questions. Drop him a line at
  • Can I put another battery in the storage?
    Yes, you can! We've designed the tank to fit a second battery.
  • How do I charge it?
    We provide a charger (which looks just like a laptop charger) that you can plug into any wall socket. You can charge your bike with the battery in the bike, or remove it and charge it where you please.
  • How far can the bike go on one a charge?
    One six-hour charge will get you around 80 Km of real-life mixed city commuting. The average city commuter travels 22km a day.
  • How much does the battery weigh?
    The Streetdog battery weighs 15kg.


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