Frustrated with the status quo

Rewind to 2015. Like thousands of others, Luke & Kendall found themselves wasting hours every day commuting across town in gridlock traffic, pumping out endless clouds of emissions.

They started working on an alternative way to commute, tinkering on prototypes for electric bikes in their garage and in their spare time. It was the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown that finally gave them the time and space they needed to complete the first Streetdog prototype.


The focus was simple: cut back on the noise, the stress, the pollution, and create a bike that was altogether more simple and straightforward. Right from the start, the FTN Motion vision was to develop high-quality vehicles with clean, fluid styling and practical layouts that will stand out and ultimately improve the functionality and feel of the riding experience.


A few months after the prototype was created, Luke and Kendall were introduced to Saskia (now co-founder), who rounded the team off nicely with her international marketing and brand building expertise. Together they started working on their business strategy and go-to-market plan, ready to start raising capital. In May of 2021, FTN Motion closed its first capital raise at $700k (oversubscribed by $200k), to resource up and produce the first 10 prototype mopeds.


May 2021 saw another milestone: on an almost non-existent marketing budget, FTN Motion pre-sold all 100 available models of the Early Adopter Streetdog to buyers across New Zealand. This early momentum validates what founders Luke, Kendall and Saskia suspected all along: in a time when everything is 'more, more, more', the Streetdog and its focus on hassle-free simplicity and minimalist styling is a much-needed breath of fresh air.


As of July, the waitlist for a second production run in New Zealand, as well as an enquiry waitlist for expansion abroad, are steadily filling up.  



The business was founded by friends and engineers by origin, Luke Sinclair and Kendall Bristow. Saskia Thornton joined as co-founder in 2020 to lead the business development and marketing side of things.


Having founded and designed the original FTN Streetdog with Luke, Kendall is responsible for Engineering and Production at FTN. A journeyed traveller of NZ and beyond, it was his and Luke's 4-month journey on New Zealand's Te Araroa Trail that sparked the original idea for the electric motorbike. Kendall’s background is in Mechanical Engineering - having previously worked in a range of sectors and industries in a variety of engineering roles.


Founder and designer of the original FTN Streetdog along with childhood friend Kendall, Luke heads up our Engineering Design and Commercial Operations. Luke shares a background and passion with Kendall in mechanical engineering. In 2016 to 2017 he completed a nine-month overland trip from India to the UK by motorbike.


Joining as co-founder, Saskia heads up our brand, marketing and strategy team at FTN Motion. She has an extensive background in Business Design, Innovation and product development - having managed dozens of new products, brands and businesses from startup to multi-million dollars per year in revenue. Saskia is currently based in Amsterdam.