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It’s showtime!

In line with their mission to educate and inspire the innovators of tomorrow, Museum of Technology and Transport (MOTAT) have acquired one of our Early Adopter motorcycles and included it in their permanent collection, alongside New Zealand design classics.

We’re bursting with pride to have the Streetdog recognised as a contemporary example of New Zealand innovation, and seeing it on display in the Accelerate exhibition is huge. Co-founder Kendall captures it well:

“I remember visiting MOTAT as a kid and marvelling at the machines on display – I never imagined that something I created would one day be one of those machines. As engineers, and motorbike and electric vehicle enthusiasts, we feel extremely privileged to have the Streetdog in MOTAT’s collection and potentially inspiring a whole new generation of young Kiwis."

The real show stopper is the custom vinyl wrap. The graphics are an artistic creation by the talented Janine Williams and inspired by the museum’s location, Te Wai Ōrea (Western Springs). The site was once a naturally abundant habitat and the artwork not only reflects this past but also celebrates how innovation, like electric motorcycles, can champion conservation.

Janine says the design focuses on the water of Te Wai Ōrea:

“The graphic interpretation is designed to remind the viewer that the mauri of this important water source lives, moves, evolves & is being strengthened by our continuous awareness and conservation efforts.”

We love that this Early Adopter custom bike is taking a stand! Massive gratitude to MOTAT for spotlighting Kiwi ingenuity and giving this dog a stage, and a standing ovation for Janine Williams who was up for the challenge.


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