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You're here! The official sale of 


Production Run 2.0

Get ready to ride a future classic of the electric motorbike world.

How does it work?


Hit the button below to get started. We'll show you the 7 colour combos we have lined up for this production run (plus one exclusive Limited Edition). On the next page, we'll give you a low-down on extra accessories you can purchase for your bike.

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Had a browse and made your choice? Hit 'Ready to order' to lock in your choices and gives us some essential details. You'll find the Terms of Sale at the bottom of the form for you to read, plus details on shipping and registration.


As soon as we receive your order, we'll send you an invoice for $12.000 (minus your deposit) + any accessories you've ordered. Pay this invoice by bank transfer and you're officially a Streetdog 2.0 owner. 

Want to know when your Streetdog will be delivered?

September/October 2023

Ready to check out your Streetdog?

* Read more about how our timetable works here.

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