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This is your chance to perfect your Streetdog.

Choose one of our accessories to make sure the bike you'll ride suits your perfectly. Select the accessories below to find out more.


+ $3500

Extra battery


+ $60

Handlebar risers


+ $180

Adjustable foot peg bracket


+ $450

Extra charger

Pick your accessories

Extra Battery

+ $3500

By adding on this extra battery with die-cast aluminium casing, you'll double the range of your Streetdog from 80 km to 160 km.


This is the perfect accessory if you have a longer commute or are doing an overnight trip.

This battery fits in your storage compartment for easy transport.


Handlebar Risers

+ $60

Are you a little taller of do you prefer a more upright riding position?

These 10mm handlebar risers will give you the lift you need, on top of the 20mm we already raised the handlebars in the last design round.

We'll install these risers on your Streetdog for you before delivery.

Handlbar Riser

Foot Peg Bracket

+ $180

Now you can fully adjust your riding position to an angle that suits you.


This adjustable 50 mm foot peg bracket in anodised aluminium has seven different setting options - so you can find your perfect ride.

We'll install this foot peg bracket on your Streetdog for you before delivery.

Foot Peg Bracket

Extra Charger

+ $450

Charging in two different spots - at home and at work, for example?

Pick up an extra lithium battery charger to make sure you're always ready to go.

Extra Charger

Ready to order?

You're one step away from confirming your Streetdog.

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