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Streetdogs incoming ! 

We started the final assembly for 2.0 run and we would like to double-check your colour combination, accessories (if any), and collect the necessary details for registering your Streetdog.


If you want to add any accessories or are unsure about anything, please feel free to contact Jack at 0211519570.

Good to know:

We'll get the bike registered for you. We'll send you an invoice once the bike nears completion, to cover the Waka Kotahi registration fees.

You can choose to pick up your bike at HQ in Wellington, or we can ship it to you, as mentioned. Again, please update your address as this is where we will ship your Streetdog.

If you are getting the bike shipped, the cost will be included in the invoice for Registration, and can vary (starting from) ~350 for North Island and (starting from) ~450 for South Island. 

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