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Frustrated with the status quo

Rewind to 2015.


Like thousands of others, Luke & Kendall found themselves wasting hours every day commuting across town in gridlock traffic, pumping out endless clouds of emissions. ​


They started working on an alternative way to commute, tinkering on prototypes for electric bikes in their garage and in their spare time.


It was the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown that finally gave them the time and space they needed to complete the first  prototype. ​ The focus was simple: cut back on the noise, the stress, the pollution, and create a bike that was altogether more simple and straightforward. ​


Their solution? The Streetdog.



A few months after the prototype was created, Luke and Kendall were introduced to Amsterdam-based Saskia (now co-founder).

Together, they formed FTN Motion and set out to change the way New Zealand, and the world, commutes by creating sleek, timeless electric vehicles rooted in the carefree Kiwi lifestyle.


The brand quickly attracted attention, with a group of investors coming onboard in late 2020. Since this first capital raise, FTN Motion has raised a total of $4.6 million.

This support from their investors allows the team to focus on creating the best experience for their customers, on and off the bike, with continued development of the Streetdog as well as the launch of an innovative direct-to-consumer business model that will see them take on the global market.

FTN Motion is seeking investment during a capital raise in 2023. Interested investors are encouraged to get in touch for more information.



In May 2021, on an almost non-existent marketing budget, FTN Motion pre-sold all 100 available models of the Early Adopter Streetdog to buyers across New Zealand and recruited 7 local brands and investors to become Beta testers. 

This early momentum validates what founders Luke, Kendall and Saskia suspected all along: in a time when everything is 'more, more, more', the Streetdog and its focus on hassle-free simplicity and minimalist styling is a much-needed breath of fresh air.

To support this first phase of the company’s growth, the team grew from 3 to 15 employees, working from a factory and showroom in the heart of Wellington.

FTN Motion and the Streetdog have been featured in media across NZ and internationally.


The first 10 Beta bikes were released in April 2022, with brands such as Garage Project, Meridian Energy, Wellington International Airport and creative agency Wrestler being amongst the first to own and ride the Streetdog. These Beta bikes each have a special edition numeral, ranging from B1 to B10, and will allow the team to road test the bikes by putting it through its paces with daily, real-life use.

The Meridian Energy Beta bike became the first electric moped to cross the Tranz Alpine pass in May 2022, during the Scooter Safari of the NZ Cancer Society.

The 100 Early Adopter bikes are being assembled now, the first automative production run in New Zealand since the late 90s.

Our next production run is coming up. You can order your Streetdog now for delivery in December 2023.

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