Frustrated with the status quo

Rewind to 2015. We found ourselves, like thousands of others, wasting hours a day commuting across town in gridlock traffic, pumping out endless clouds of emissions.

It wasn't long before we started looking at what alternative options were available. Electric mopeds emerging at the time were uninspiring copies of their petrol equivalents, a bit odd looking or just plain ugly.


Both having mechanical engineering backgrounds in automation and product development, we decided we could do better.

We set out to build an electric moped from the ground up, using the advantages of an electric powertrain to

develop a unique layout focused on style, practicality and simplicity.

After a building a proof of concept, we spent the next few years designing, refining and testing. We now have a fully functioning production prototype, new team members, and a cunning plan to launch in 2021.


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