Our stress-free, hassle-free answer to modern mobility. Electrically powered, with 100km of real-life mixed city range and 30L storage.


The Streetdog is designed & assembled in Aotearoa. Our headquarters and workshop are based in Central Wellington. We like to work as locally as possible and look to source parts from local manufacturers as much as we can. 


Change the way you commute and explore.  Come down the the workshop, meet the team, and see it in person.

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50 km/hr top speed, perfect for commuting and exploring. 

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82 kg total weight (including the 15 kg battery) with a light and durable Chromoly frame. There is space on the back to take a second (pillion) passenger, with separate foot rests.

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3 kw rear hub electric motor with a removable battery and regenerative braking. The battery takes around 6 hours to reach a full charge. Plug it in next to your phone at night and you're good to go the next day.

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100 km range  of real-life mixed city commuting.  

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30 L storage - which equates to 6 six packs of beer, 15 two-litre milk bottles, and is bigger than the backpack you currently probably carry around the city. For security, the storage and battery are lockable.

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Moped class so you can get on and ride on a car licence.

FAQ's check out our answers for more information on the Streetdog here 


Our first production round has sold out!


Production is going to be limited while we're scaling up. Make sure you're on the waitlist to get first dibs on securing your Streetdog when we announce the next production rounds happening around the world. 


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