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World’s most beautiful e-motorcycle tours NZ and becomes part of MOTAT collection

New Zealand, April 1st 2022 -

Wellington-based e-motorcycle start-up FTN Motion, has kicked off a nationwide roadshow to introduce its brand new, NZ-made beta model Streetdog - a bike unlike anything Kiwis will have seen, or ridden, before.

The company is currently touring the beta model of the bike around New Zealand, giving early-adopters and wait-listed enthusiasts the chance to test ride the bike. After the tour, one lucky bike will find a new home at the Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) in Auckland.

MOTAT has purchased one of the early-adopter bikes for display in the museum, recognising the unique innovation and design of the Streetdog as part of a foundational moment in New Zealand’s transport and technology journey.

The Streetdog looks and rides like a classic cafe racer motorbike and does a huge 100 kilometres on a charge, with a top speed of 50km/h, meaning it is classed as a moped and can be ridden on a car licence. It has a large amount of storage and a removable battery that can be charged away from the bike.

MOTAT Collections Researcher Chelsea Renshaw says the Museum has been developing its collection to include contemporary examples of New Zealand innovation.

“Acquiring these objects helps us tell stories that connect with a national audience and showcase the exciting transport and technology that emerges from Aotearoa,” she says.
“We will prepare an object record for the Streetdog, photograph it for our Collections Online, and prepare curatorial information to share with the public. We think it makes a wonderful candidate for display and look forward to working with our Exhibitions team to support telling this story – whether it is showcased for environmental sustainability or as a great piece of transport technology which will help improve the transport mobility of New Zealanders”.

Kendall Bristow, FTN Motion co-founder, says they were approached by MOTAT about acquiring a Streetdog for the Museum, which was an unreal moment.

“I remember visiting MOTAT as a kid and marvelling at all the innovative machines on display - I never imagined that one day I’d be part of creating something that could be on display there,” he says.
“As engineers, and motorbike and electric vehicle enthusiasts, we feel extremely privileged to know the Streetdog will be part of MOTAT’s collection and available to inspire a new generation of young Kiwis”.

FTN Motion’s mission is to make the world’s most beautiful moped-class electric motorcycles while reducing congestion, commute times and pressure on the planet. Their Streetdog has seen huge demand, with the bike’s first release last year selling out in just days. The waiting list for the second release, coming this year, continues to grow. The company has raised $1.6 million since launching in late 2020, with both raises oversubscribed.

During the Christchurch leg of their tour, the Streetdog betas were booked for back-to-back test rides by early-adopters and attracted crowds of curious admirers wherever they were parked. Following the Auckland dates, the bikes will visit Tauranga, before heading back to Wellington.

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About FTN Motion.

Luke Sinclair and Kendall Bristow completed the first prototype of their electric moped during the COVID-19 lockdown, proving that something good can come out of difficult times. Together with their Amsterdam-based co-founder Saskia Thornton, they formed FTN Motion, and are seeking to change the way New Zealand, and the world, commutes by creating sleek, timeless electric vehicles rooted in the carefree Kiwi lifestyle.

Different by design, their moped-class e-bike has a unique, classic motorbike feel paired with purposefully minimalist technology and layout, for a stress-free, uncomplicated riding experience that will be loved by commuters and adventurers alike. Powered by an electric 3KW hub motor, it has a 100km range, and a top speed of 50km per hour. The battery is easily removable and can charge from any wall socket, and has more storage space (30L) than almost any other similar vehicle.

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