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Comfort package

Comfort package

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The comfort package includes adjustable footpeg brackets and handlebar risers installed and ready to go, which together result in a more relaxed riding position with less pressure through the knees and wrists. 

You will be able to adjust your riding position to an angle that suits you. This adjustable 50 mm foot peg bracket in anodised aluminium has seven different setting options - so you can find your perfect ride. We'll install this footpeg bracket on your Streetdog for you before delivery or you can get one of our service partners to fit it for you.

If you prefer a more upright riding position, then the handlebar raisers are ideal. They provide a 10 mm lift, on top of the 20 mm that we raised the handlebars in the last design round. We'll install these risers on your Streetdog for you before delivery.

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